Moving with Ease: Trusted Long Distance and Local Movers in Edmonton

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Effortless Long Distance Moves with Star Family Movers

Star Family Movers Local Movers in Edmonton

Edmonton is Alberta’s capital city and is home to over 70% of the population of the broader Edmonton census metropolitan area. Located close to the urban municipalities of North Edmonton, West Edmonton, Strathcona, Beverly, and Jasper Place, the residents of Edmonton enjoy many benefits.

If you’re looking for movers who can transport your belongings across Edmonton, look no further. At Star Family Movers, we provide many services, such as packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and storage options. Whether you’re moving far away or just to a nearby city, we assure you your move will be hassle-free.

With a presence in over 140 nations worldwide, long-distance movers are equipped to manage your international relocation. The “star family movers” guarantee top-notch service whether you are relocating to or from Edmonton. Our strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols ensures the safety and security of your valuable possessions throughout the entire move.

Experience a Stress-Free Move with Local Movers in Edmonton

As local Edmonton movers, we place the highest priority on customer satisfaction, which is why we maintain a 90% referral rate. Our team is dedicated to making sure that moving day is hassle-free, whether it’s a senior transitioning to a smaller home or a personal downsizing to an apartment.

Star Family Movers understands that relocating to a new apartment can present various difficulties. Nonetheless, we pay close attention to the minor details that significantly impact us. We offer assistance in securing elevators and loading docks; if these amenities are inaccessible, we will collaborate with you to develop an alternative plan that suits your requirements.

Every piece of furniture is cushioned and stretch-wrapped for safety throughout your move. Floor runners are also used to protect your floors. Whether they are works of fine art, large pieces of furniture or bulky goods like a piano, pool table, gym equipment or gun safe, we have the equipment and expertise to transfer your specialised items securely to your new home.

Call us immediately (780) 802-9843 if this sounds like something that will benefit you, and we’ll take care of the rest! You can read more about our services on our website.


Customer Reviews

Star Family Movers

Customer Reviews

Raymond E. Ryder Oct 19, 2022

Alex and his team were great! In my new apartment, there was no electricity during shifting so they worked even in dark to complete shifting in a professional way. We highly recommend Star Family Movers for your next move.

Amanda Herrick Oct 15, 2022

I recently hired them to move apartment. Star Family Movers team is super careful and professional.

Vivienne Tran Sep 21, 2022

Highly recommended. Very efficient, no time wasted. Alex and his team helped me to move my apartment with no headache.

Ivan James Sep 9, 2022

Super quick and hassle-free. Alex has done a wonderful job.

Zubin Cooper Aug 29, 2022

Amazing and impressive. They have moved some heavy stuff into my apartment including a fridge and sofas. Our experience with Star family movers is super excellent.